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Protecting your wood floor from dogs

One of our salespeople brought this site to our attention at a recent sales meeting.  While it was good for a little laugh, and we have no idea how well that soft, fake toenails for dogs works in protecting your wood floors, it does bring up an excellent topic which we discuss with our customers on a daily basis.

Few things are harder on a floor than a dog, especially a larger, active one.  We are often asked how a floor will respond with large animals (or animals in general).  Unless the floor under discussion is a ceramic or porcelain, the answer is often “they will be scratched”.  With wood floors especially, it is a matter of pounds per square inch (surface area of the nails versus the size of the dog).  Even harder species of wood and the hardest finishes can be scratched, dented or both.

This does not necessarily rule out a wood floor installation in a pet-filled home though.  Our main goal is always to let the homeowner know in advance what to expect in your average scenario.  If a dog is large and active, it will most certainly cause some sort of damage to the wood floor.  Clipping nails on a regular basis can help to reduce these issues.  Rugs where your animals often gather or jump and play will help too.

The beauty of a solid 3/4″ thick wood floor is that the floor can be sanded or refinished to restore its beauty, so if you have a rambunctious pup now, you can refinish after he’s mellowed out a bit, and restore your hardwood to its previous condition (this  works for that other natural nemesis of floors as well- your kids).  We’re still refinishing wood floors that are 80 years old and more, and the things that happened to along the way just add to their natural charm.

In the end, it is important to remember that this is a floor, and it is meant to be walked on, lived on and enjoyed.

A Fresh New Look

newsiteWe’ve updated our website with a new look! A “News” page has been added where we will showcase photos of new installs, company-related news, and other miscellaneous items. We’ve also updated our sidebar to display random install photos, testimonials and our most recent news items. Our other pages have been cleaned up and optimized for search engines! Have a look around, comment on our changes and feel free to give us feedback!

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