Cleaning and caring for your wood floors

In caring for your wood floor, choosing the correct cleaning product is critical for the long term beauty of your floor.  Some cleaners that are marketed for wood floors will actually build a residue or haze that not only makes your floors look bad, they can prevent us from being able to apply fresh coats of finish in the future.  Be wary of anything that promises to restore the beauty or add shine to your floor.  These products can build up over time, make your gloss levels inconsistent, and worse, can prevent a future refinish from bonding to your floor.

We recommend Bona Pro Series cleaning supplies for keeping your floors looking great.  This product is compatible with finishes and will not leave a residue or build up.  It also evaporates fast and will not leave water spots.

Bona Cleaner Concentrate Gallon

COMING SOON!  Phillips’ Floors is in the process of adding a cleaning supply request form to our website so that you can submit your order to us online.  We will deliver supplies around the area, or ship them depending on your location.  We’ll add a new announcement once it is up and ready to use.


  1. Kelsey says:

    When we moved into our house two years ago in April I let my husband be in charge of looking into how to care for our wood floors (that you guys installed). Bad choice! We used some of those products that say they adds shine and then over the weekend he looked into the best steam mop because he thought we needed one. It is the Hoover twin tank steam mop, which they said was good for sealed hardwood floors. They look terrible now! They have no shine! I could kill my husband right now since I just discovered that had he only gone to your site it would have given us all the information we needed to care for our floors. Is there anything we can do to get shine back? I am ordering some of the Bona cleaner for future cleaning, but is there anything else we can do to get the nice shine back?

    Comment by Kelsey on December 31, 2012 at 9:21 pm
  2. Kelsey says:

    Would the Bona High Gloss Floor Polish help?

    Comment by Kelsey on December 31, 2012 at 9:25 pm
  3. Scott Laube says:

    Hi Kelsey,

    I don’t have personal experience with the Bona product that adds gloss, but typically we advise to stay away from any product that does this, and instead use the cleaner as needed until the finish wear comes to the point where you need a recoat to restore shine and protection to your floor.

    Steam mops are not recommended, as they introduce moisture to your floor, which can raise the grain and make the finish walk off more quickly. In your situation, I would recommend using Bona cleaner to attempt to remove the haze left by other cleaners. It may take some effort, so start with a smaller spot first, and clean and repeat, wiping with a soft, mildly damp cloth. If this does not work, please submit a “contact us” request, and we would be happy to give you a free assessment of your situation. Thanks!

    Comment by Scott Laube on January 2, 2013 at 6:59 am